Wednesday, 30 September 2015


*******WARNING - really bad lighting photo overload ahead!!!!********

Ok - so now I have that bit out of the way - HELLO! - I hope everyone is well and keeping out of mischief! 

I have gone all Halloween on Inky Pinkies Colouring Group this week and done 3 things that I am not used to that have all been a roaring failure! lol!!!

Firstly, if you haven't seen the new Halloween release from Polkadoodles, well really guys, come on, have I taught you nothing??????  Get yourselves over there sharpish, here's a wee link for you! 

Ok, so I have been playing with the Halloween 2015 bundles, you want to link here for the bundle, here for the papers 1 and here for papers 2, and here for the sentiments. All of which have elements on my card.

I wanted to play with the scarecrow that can be found in the main bundle. Now my good friend Cara told me a wee while ago to try printing/stamping on Kraft card and colouring on it. I'm a bit new to Kraft card and so far I love it for mat and layering purposes and die cuts. I was very dubious about colouring onto it.

Of course I used my Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour Pencils - and I was amazed that the kraft card still allowed the pencils to have that amazing vibrancy.  So here I had these wee fella all ready to go.

Now the very first thing I realised after this was - I wanted to cut him out, but that I had printed and coloured onto Kraft card. Woweeeee do you know how HARD it is to manipulate Kraft card without it bending, creasing, tearing and all round misbehaving!!!!! Me neither, as I got the resident Mr Scissorhands to do the honours!  Thank you pumpkin (see what I did there) :)

I think he did a GREAT job.

So that was dilemma one. Dilemma two was, let's print and colour more things out on the kraft card but cut them on the Silhouette!!! Now see the silhouette is a wonderful thing, but Kraft card it does not like, Three attempts later, no. Enough is enough! Back to the drawing board, or more importantly the stash of stuff in the bundle and I cut out a lot of precoloured images, what I mean is the silhouette did............ 

Dilemma what? Oooh let's make a stepper card because why not?  Here's the reason why, I don't make them often and I now remember why!!

I think my tree which I wanted to be BIG and spooky kinda took over and with all my added bits, I think I lost my poor wee scarecrow. Which is not what I intended. 

Now as you can see, the lighting isn't very good at all and I can only apologise. By the time I finished despairing over why I don't plan things better, Mr Sun had gone to sleep and Mr Moon was parading around in his stead. So a daylight savings lamp later and you have the above. Oooops! 

So there you have my step halloween card, It's not so bad is it..................?

Til next time! 


Yvonne x

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  1. I love this! I'm so pleased you used the craft card, it works perfectly!
    Hugs xx Cara xx

  2. Well I love it!! Looks like a roaring success to me. I've just had a go at colouring on card and love how it looks. Fabulous. Hugs, Jayne x